"It’s always a pleasure to volunteer as a driver for RAKAT CT. I get to meet lovely people in the process, and I feel I’m contributing to making life just a little bit easier for some of us in the Community.”


"I find it very rewarding working for RAKAT CT who are a lovely bunch of people to work for and enjoy visiting events and places I would not normally see."


"Volunteering as a minibus driver for RAKAT CT has given me a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction since retiring. It is a very fulfilling and rewarding activity which allows me to give something back to local community by taking various groups on outings to places of interest which otherwise they might not be able to visit. A particular area that provides much personal satisfaction is our work with children with special needs."


"I enjoy driving for RAKAT CT as you get the opportunity to give a little back to a wide range of people in your community, young and old, abled and disabled taking them on fun days out."

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