Carol Horne - Community Services Assistant Age UK Richmond

"I have been hiring RAKAT CT buses for three years since I began this role in April 2015, and before that my predecessor used RAKAT CT, so we have a long standing and very positive relationship with this wonderful supplier. We could not be able to offer this much-needed service without RAKAT CT."

Gillian Ling - Age UK Member

"I have been using RAKAT CT’s minibus services for many years, however ever since my stroke three years ago it has become my lifeline. I would be completely isolated without it. The driver always helps from front door as I am not to steady on my feet, this makes me feel safe and more confident about going out”.

Marge O’Dwyer - Whitton Network Director

"We use RAKAT CT services for our “Outings Programme”, for elderly people who are clients and live in the Whitton and Heathfield wards of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. Without the help of the Victoria foundation RAKAT CT would not be able to provide this service for the Whitton Network and many of our clients would be isolated and lonely."

Cathy Weight - Staywell

"Our services are heavily dependent on accessible transport providing a much needed services to our members who attend the Raleigh Day Centre. Having well maintained fleet of buses is therefore essential and the relationship we have with RAKAT CT is exceptional. They are extremely reliable and helpful, they are always prepared to go that extra mile to support us."

Marcina Broad - Team for Disabled Children Moor Lane, Achieving for children

“We have been using RAKAT CT buses and their volunteer drivers for over 10 years. The office staff have always been very friendly and accommodating to our team and they make it possible for us to take our children out to access activities that they otherwise would not be able to enjoy."

Liz Grimwood - YCP Team Leader, Kingston Carers

“We currently use the service of RAKAT CT for about 20 activities for our young carers each year. We rely on this service to get our young carers who care for a member of their family out and about in the community. We value this service immensely and our young carers benefit from the service RAKAT CT provide hugely.”

Anna Beutler - Richmond Super Shopper.

“Being offered these outings is the only form of communication. If I didn’t get door to door service I would be unable to get out, as the bus stop is too far for me to walk. I am always greeted with a smiley face and friends on the bus, that is the highlight of my week.”

Peter Marsden - Ex-FISH Trustee

"As a voluntary community care scheme, accessible transport is at the heart of what we do. RAKAT CT makes a huge contribution to this - providing essential advice, guidance and comprehensive operational support which ensures that we can keep our bus fleet running.  With RAKAT CT’s help we are able to provide a functioning and reliable transport service for a wide range of community activities including vital shopping trips and much enjoyed social and cultural outings. All of this enables lonely, older or isolated people in our community to enjoy more independent and fulfilling lives. We greatly value RAKAT CT’s expertise and commitment to our mission and feel privileged to work with RAKAT CT in a true spirit of partnership."

Linda Jephson - Teddington & Hampton Voluntary Care Group

“I’ve been using RAKAT CT for over ten years now and never, ever, found the staff anything but helpful, considerate and encouraging, which is most valuable when you’re a pensioner driving a hefty great bus! Thank you.”

Deborah Carter - FISH Transport Co-Ordinator

"As the Transport Coordinator for FiSH Neighbourhood Care, a locally-based charity providing regular transport for elderly people in the community who would otherwise be isolated or lonely, I can wholeheartedly commend RAKAT CT for their support to us. Without the excellent driver training, maintenance and administration the RAKAT CT team provides we would simply be unable to operate our two (and often more) accessible minibuses for daily transport to the social centre and for regular shopping, outings and events, thus enhancing the lives of (needy) people in our neighbourhood. Thank you RAKAT CT for your friendly service and help to FiSH for which we are truly grateful."

Rosie Stone - Yorda Adventures

"As the Transport Coordinator for The service RAKAT CT provide our group is second to none. They always bend over backwards to help us find a bus at the final hour that our volunteers are trained to drive when we have an emergency with our own vehicles."

Pat Platt - Hickeys Friends & Neighbours

"We have always been very satisfied with the services we have received and also I’ve been very happy with the communication with the staff, they are very kind and helpful and I feel they do the very best to help us!”

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