Meet our Trustees

Susanna Bellino - Trustee

I'm currently a civil servant working on tax relief reform and have worked in a number of government departments including HM Treasury and the Ministry of Justice, as well as in the private sector. I'm new to RAKAT CT but have already been so impressed by the work of the organisation in bringing people together and supporting local support groups. Given the year we've all been through, the role RAKAT CT can play in bringing communities together and supporting those most vulnerable is absolutely vital. RAKAT CT plays such an important role in making sure no one is left behind and long may it continue to do this.

Stephen Baughan - Trustee

Back in October 1996 I joined Richmond & Kingston Accessible transport as it was known then when it was reinvented from the ashes of Kingston & Richmond Accessible transport. The Charity was started again by the Chief Officer of Kingston Voluntary Action (KVA) and a local entrepreneur from grants from LBRuT and RBK of £15,000 purchasing the original and other minibuses - 5 in total. As an accountant my position was the treasurer and I did this on a voluntary basis whilst working as Financial Controller of Bentalls PLC until I left in 1999 when I went into business on my own to assist local organisations in the voluntary sector, some 6 over the years representing the voluntary sector, homelessness, transport, older people, youth and citizens advice which has continued to date where I am now retiring.

Caroline Carlton - Trustee

I am an independent management consultant having previously worked as a civil servant within HM Treasury. I am currently Chair of the Board of Trustees. RAKAT CT is a small locally focussed charity providing invaluable services to Richmond and Kingston-upon-Thames. I am proud to work with such a dedicated team of staff within the charity. Despite challenges faced in maintaining a fleet of vehicles it is a rewarding role knowing what a difference each trip makes for our service users particularly those in vulnerable groups. I live in Kingston (having previously resided in Richmond) and personally know people who have benefitted from using RAKAT CT services. I share with the other Trustees a desire to ensure that these services continue for current and future generations

Howard Gooder - Trustee

I am a retired international infrastructure and energy project finance specialist. Having driven RAKAT buses for several years, I now have the privilege of serving as a trustee. I’m committed to the provision of safe, affordable and accessible transport, which I believe enhances the well-being of our whole community.

Julie Hitchcock - Trustee

I spent most of my professional life as a civil servant working on environmental and transport policy. I am now retired and enjoying contributing to the community in South West London, where I've lived for over 20 years. I became a RAKAT trustee in 2022 and am delighted to be part of an organisation that provides support and help to so many people.

Julia Thomas - Trustee

I have worked for over 30 years in passenger transport, shipping and logistics, and I am passionate about importance of different transport offerings being available in an area to enable everyone in a community to access all facilities and services so life can be lived as fully and easily as possible. RAKAT CT is a small team running essential community transport and plays a key role in making our society in Kingston and Richmond more inclusive. I feel very fortunate and privileged to be a trustee and part of the RAKAT CT team as we work together with our clients and partners to ensure it continues to be a vital part of our community now and in the future.

Mustafa Vahdettin - Trustee

I have been in property letting and management for 40 years and during this time I have engaged with people of all ages and backgrounds. As a trustee and volunteer driver for RAKAT CT, I thrive on supporting all our diverse passengers and charities across the local area. I truly believe in our work and I know first-hand that RAKAT provides exceptional community transport for Kingston and Richmond which is why I am committed to working to ensure that RAKAT continues to provide its great services for many years to come.

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